Noel Hodson

Noel has worked with senior, middle and junior executives on a range of subjects. Relying on 25 years of hands-on training experience, Noel Hodson is a noted expert in flexible working, teleworking and planning for managing information and knowledge in the ‘high tech’ world. His advice has been sought internationally by over 150 organisations. He has also considerable experience in helping companies to develop their new innovative ideas into realistic and planned products ready for the market. His ‘can do ‘, but very knowledgeable approach has meant that he was the ‘secret’ ingredient in the success of a significant number of companies.

Noel founded an accountancy and tax practice and built the team up to 50 people. In 1977-78 he expanded Mallalieu Cars from 3 to 55 craftsmen making specialist vehicles. Noel has teleworked at home managing virtual teams of consultants since 1980. He built a 38 office franchise and trained 70 business-expansion-specialists from 1980-1987; helped to develop the Southbank Technopark in London and led the Oxford Research Science Park team. He has personally advised and assisted more than 5,000 SME’s to expand or to create businesses.

Noel is a business author producing articles for the IOD, ICAEW and corporate magazines; the text book Teleworking Explained (Wiley & Sons), & papers such as the Economics of Telework (1990 & 1992); Info-Society Future in Europe (Dresdner Bank), Future UK Road Traffic (RAC 1997) and he writes novels about global warming and the future – ‘AD2516’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’.

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