Building great teamwork

‘Our staff are our best asset’

Managing Directors often sincerely state this in any presentation. But whenever directors consider investment, the team building doesn’t feature prominently in their plans. Team building is often considered just part of the line manager’s job, or alternatively, it’s seen as ‘nice to have’ and not directly applicable to reducing costs or increasing sales.

We couldn’t disagree more. We believe that building high performing teams is an essential platform for business success. A great team is a leading enabler and indicator of profits.

Teams provide greater:

  • Awareness of the business environment
  • Business knowledge about a range of issues
  • Speed in processing activities
  • Flexibility in delivering different customer requirements
  • Co-ordination of plans and resulting actions
  • Innovation
  • Sense of fulfilment

At Key Performance we believe that a team’s effectiveness can be radically improved. That improvement can be achieved by one or a number of the factors listed in the equation below:


Key Performance has appropriate and experienced consultants, equipped with the best approaches, methods and techniques to re-invigorate or create teams that deliver outstanding results. Previous team development activities have included:

  • Providing greater clarity on team goals. In particular, identifying subsidiary critical success factors and associated leading indicators to measure progress.
  • Profiling team members so that the most appropriate mix of people and experience can be brought to bear on the required tasks or process.
  • Training the team in various ways to improve their understanding of team formation, group dynamics, communications, behavioural insights and how best to perform various team roles.
  • Facilitating greater knowledge and understanding of what makes good leaders and the notion that at times leadership should be shared amongst leaders.
  • Organising ‘4 in 1’ team events. This highly successful approach to team building involves a mixture of teambuilding activities, specific training, independent facilitation of key organisational issues and coaching/mentoring.
  • Mentoring and coaching whole teams and or individuals in high profile teams
  • Ensuring the interdependencies within the organisation or other teams is clear, and not constrained by inappropriate processes, policies or people. We can ‘unblock’ those external factors.

We don’t have a ‘single approach’ to building high performing teams, but pride ourselves on understanding the ‘givens’ and intervening factors before suggesting the best approach.

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