Key Performance and ISO44001 / BS11000: collaborative business partnerships

At Key Performance we pride ourselves on helping companies become more effective and efficient. And we achieve this through a leadership training programme or a much larger change programme. Through our intervention, businesses often see increased competitive advantage and improved business performance.

A key strategy for many companies is to form partnerships with other organisations so that they can gain competitive advantage. But more often than not, partnerships fail to achieve their goals and become costly and embarrassing failures.

We can provide the practical advice and support to make partnerships deliver enhanced value and massive competitive advantage. We use ISO44001/BS11000 as a framework and within that framework we help organisations to:

  • Develop their partnering strategies
  • Develop collaborative leadership models
  • Develop supply chain relationships
  • Develop joint products and services
  • Facilitate the cultural fit
  • Help them develop agreed processes and protocols etc.
  • Provide independent expertise as and when needed
  • Help joint communications
  • Facilitate joint workshops
  • Build joint teams

The exact nature of our support varies depending on your size and industry etc. Our head consultant, Peter Westbrook, is an accredited facilitator of the ISO44001/BS11000 framework and knows the help that companies need.

By combining the ISO44001/BS11000 framework with and our knowledge and experience, we provide a:

  • Standard framework that promotes better engagement and effectiveness
  • Strengthened business-to-business processes
  • Improved risk management of joint ventures
  • Enhanced dispute resolution
  • Better business solutions
  • Improved competitiveness and market reach
  • Sustainable relationships
  • Greater perceived and actual added value to customers



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