To be truly competitive, your business needs to benchmark its products and services. Normally benchmarking revolves around tangible measures, such as comparison of prices or specific products and services. But benchmarking can also be used to compare best practice and gain information on how to perform better. This form of benchmarking needs to be well planned and in line with your strategic aims.

Benchmarking takes time and investment but the rewards can be huge.

Key Performance can help:

•  Clarify your benchmarking objectives
•  Advise you on the various types of benchmarking
•  Define your benchmarking process
•  Advise on benchmarking tasks within the process
•  Plan your approach to benchmarking
•  Facilitate self-assessment
•  Identify key measures and processes needed to benchmark
•  Map critical processes and activities
•  Investigate potential partners and sources of data
•  Analyse the data to provide appropriate comparisons
•  Hold and facilitate workshops to assess the performance gap
•  Assist in implementing change arising from benchmarking
•  Help incorporate benchmarking into the culture of your organisation and your other review methods
•  Train your staff in benchmarking techniques

Key Performance helps organisations to improve their quality; customer relations; efficiency; approach to innovation; and administrative and financial processes. We have helped internationally known companies to benchmark their current performance and we do so by tailoring our support to suit your needs.

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